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Automative Battery
  With years of industry experience, we deal in automotive battery, which are capable of working efficiently under the demanding conditions. These batteries are procured from the reliable vendors who ensure the products are manufactured as per the latest technology. The automotive battery offered by us are widely used in various kinds of automobiles such as cars, jeeps, tractors, trucks, road rollers, earth moving equipment and barges.


  • perfect quality
  • reliable performance
  • cost effective
  • excellent oxidation resistance
  • developed with superior alloy
Inverter Battery

A quality product from TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Ltd with the technology support from GS-YUASA, Japan, the global leader in battery industry.


TATA Green Inverter batteries provide consistent performance from start to finish. The excellent quality control parameters make them high performance, give them longer life and make them maintenance-free batteries. These batteries come up with ready-to-install, high back-up, long life, Ultra Low maintenance and leakage-proof features.
Long life - The exclusive high density plate design reduces shedding thereby provides extra long life to the battery.

Quick charging - Unique paste and electrolyte combination makes the battery quick charged between power failures

Types of Inverter batteries

    • 100Ah – TATA Green INV 100
    • 135 Ah – TATA Green 135Ah
    • 150 Ah – TATA Green 150Ah
Two Wheeler Battery

Welcome to the TATA Green 2 Wheeler Battery space. Impeccably designed & developed for your 2 wheeler. We bring to you 2 Wheeler range of Zero Maintenance batteries. Designed by world’s number one 2-Wheeler battery manufacturer GS-YUASA, and built with most superior technology.

The TATA Green 2 Wheeler battery, which comes with 12months warranty made by Breakthrough VRLA technology, is developed in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, uniquely packed and dry charged batteries. You just need to fill the acid provided by our dealer, fit &vroom!!!

With advanced design features and robust construction, your TATA Green zero maintenance two wheeler batteries offers the longest life and delivers highest power in its class. TATA Green batteries always look for innovation, strive for excellent quality and believe in providing world class technology to our customers.

  • Zero Maintenance
  • Long life
  • Highest power
  • Instant Start each time- every time
  • SSF technology- Sulfate Stop Formula

Apart from being the Eco friendly battery

Types of 2 wheeler Batteries

  • 2.5 Ah- 2.5L-C
  • 5 Ah- 5L-B
  • 9 Ah- 9 B
  • 3.5Ah- YTZ5S
Four Wheeler Battery

TATA Green 4-Wheeler Batteries are powered by the superior Calcium-Calcium technology. Our range is enables with special rechargeable function that supplies electric energy to an automobile. We are the suppliers of the batteries which are corrosion resistant and appreciated for their durable performance.


  • Premium range with top-end features and benefits
  • Superior Calcium-Calcium technology
  • No top-up up to 10,0000 Kms
  • Longest warranties with longer shelf life
  • Enduring Performance in all weathers
  • Maintenance free


We thereby assure our clients with all sorts of satisfaction with all sorts of batteries we supply.


TATA Green Tractor batteries – Robust and Strong

The advanced manufacturing process and superior technology ensures a world class product from the house of TATA’s. Heavy Duty batteries    with Higher Antimony percentage takes care of Deep Discharge. The unique Polyethylene separators with Glass mat combination provide highest vibration resistance and good recovery from deep discharge; this will help battery to withstand higher temperatures, shocks and any kind of rough terrain. TATA Green tractor batteries offer 24-month warranty (18 months flat and 6 months pro-rated warranty).

Battery with extra power-

Extra thick alloy grid for Extra life-

Types of Tractor batteries

  • 75 Ah - 75D31RT
90 Ah – 95E41LT

TATA Green CV batteries
Commercial vehicle have different performance requirement, the challenges posed by commercial vehicles are as individual as the vehicles and their applications themselves. Whether trucks, vans, coaches, municipal vehicles, agricultural vehicles or earth moving equipment.  These batteries are specially made for the LCV/HCV segment.
Features- Incredible Power – Unbeatable Performance
These batteries provide highest vibration resistance and good recovery from deep discharge; this will help battery to withstand higher temperatures, shocks and any kind of rough terrain. TATA Green CV batteries come with the 24-months (18 months flat & 6 months pro-rated) warranty.
High Cranking Power – Plates with more surface area and lesser electrical resistance provide increased cranking performance.
Long life - Exclusive hybrid design make these batteries ideal for commercial vehicle applications in rough terrain and under extreme conditions.

Types of Commercial Vehicles (LCV/HCV) batteries

    • 80 Ah – 80D31-CV
    • 100 Ah – 105E41-CV
    • 150 Ah – 165G51-CV

TATA Green Car Batteries

Power, performance and reliability are the most important factors for determining the quality of a car battery. TATA Green heavy duty batteries come with the highest cranking ability with almost no maintenance. The advanced technology and excellent quality control parameter makes it the first choice of everyone.

Variants- These Batteries are available in Titanium, Gold, Platinum, Silver Plus and Silver range

High Cranking Power – Plates with higher surface area and lesser electrical resistance provide increased cranking performance.
Long life - Exclusive design makes these batteries ideal for passenger car applications in all conditions
Maintenance Free - Exclusive alloy combination make these batteries maintenance free
Factory Charged – Ready to fit.
Types of PC/UV Batteries

    • 32Ah- 34B20R
    • 34Ah- 38B20R/L
    • 45Ah- 46B20L/LS
    • 65Ah- 65D26R/L
    • 75Ah-75D31R (HD)
    • 44Ah- DIN44
    • 60AH-DIN60
UPS Battery
Genset Battery